QUAD - rotating wall for Penning ion traps

Our QUAD 1-10 rotating wall drive is designed to create a rotating dipole or quadrupole electrical field inside a Penning Ion Trap. The resulting electrodynamical “rotating wall” enables fast compression of big ion clouds after loaded into the trap. The QUAD 1-10 represents a tool to handle a wide range of ions/plasma rotation frequencies with respect to this novel application.

The QUAD 1-5 rotating wall drive is a precision wideband phase shifter in combination with output amplifiers, dedicated for compression of non-neutral plasmas in ion traps. It provides 4 phase shifted outputs with up to 20 Vpp Amplitude. It operates in a wide frequency range from 100 kHz to 5 MHz. Small mismatches of amplitude and phase are provided over the entire frequency range.

The QUAD 1-5b in use e.g. at the University of Mainz, Department of Nuclear Chemistry, AG Nörtershäuser.
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