HS - High Voltages Switches

Our HS series switches are - unlike power switches - optimized for small capacitive loads, low noise and fast rise times.

Examples of usage
  • Switching and pulsing of electrostatic electrodes
  • Ion pulsing
  • Beam optics
  • Piezo drivers
Key Features
  • Very low noise switches
  • Fast switching time (35…100 ns)
  • 200 V to 2000 V range, model dependent (higher voltages on request)
  • Single-channel or dual-channels versions
HS series front detail: manual switch, BNC (5V-TTL) input and LED indicators
HS series rear detail: BNC sockets for inputs and output
HS series Internal Scheme
Generation of a precise 1kV-Pulse (external DC source and Trigger required) of 10μs length
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