Stahl-Electronics was founded in 2002 by Dr. Stefan Stahl as a startup company and spin-off from the University of Mainz, Germany. In the beginning our success drew on the company founder’s personal knowledge and experience.

But over the years, our activities became powered by a young skilled staff of physicists and engineers who find customized electronical/mechanical solutions for you, and provide support.

Our areas of excellence

standard and customised electronics

  • ultra stable DC sources for precision applications and quantum computing
  • cryo and vacuum electronics
  • Penning trap ion detection systems (non-destructive)
  • DC and RF low-noise electronics and analog signal processing

consulting and engineering

  • ion traps / FT-ICR
  • cryo-electronics / low noise electronics
Developers and researchers at Stahl-Electronics, Mettenheim
Mettenheim, town hall and church
Mettenheim, Rhenish Hesse / Upper Rhine Plain
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