UM - a voltage source with 10-8 level stability

The UM is worldwide unrivalled as a 3-channel ultra high precision voltage source for its proposed voltage ranges, typically ±14 V. It features an extremely low temperature dependency of 10-6 ΔV/V per Kelvin and temporal voltage fluctuations of less than 10-7 ΔV/V per minute.

This unique combination of resolution, stability, and long term drift makes it ideal for quantum computing and high precision ion trap based spectrometry. The UM is currently used, for instance, in virtually all high precision ion trap spectroscopy experiments globally.

The voltage range of the device can be customised: According to your application, you would typically limit the maximum voltage in order to tap the full potential of the 25 bit resolution.

Key Features
  • standard voltage range: ±14 V, customisable to e.g. ±30 V.
  • 3 channels each resolved with 25 bit (0.1 ppm resolution)
  • 10 ppm base accuracy
  • fluctuations on 10-8 level
Front view of a version of the UM.
The UM version in use at the University of Mainz, Germany, Department of Physics in the g-factor proton experiment.
Plugs of a version of the UM
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