BS/BSA - Precision DC Source

Our BS/BSA series multichannel supplies provide precise and low noise DC voltages up to +/-40 V on a ppm level of stability.

A short response time of a few milliseconds and a high stability allow for

✔ fast and precise qubit biasing in quantum computing

✔ precision experiments with ion traps

✔ reliable usage in source-meter applications with automatic test equipment (ATE)

Key Features
  • voltage range bipolar:
       -0.1 V .. +0.1 V up to -40 V .. +40 V
  • number of channels:
       2 up to 16 (32 channels in preparation)
  • programming resolution:
       16 bit (model BS) or 19 bit (model BSA)
  • absolute accuracy:
       better then 250 ppm
  • short term fluctuations as root mean square values (rms):
       0.3 ppm in 1 min / 0.8 ppm in 1 hour / 2.6 ppm in 24 hours
Front plate with status indicators for the channels
Rear plate with BNC output channels
Optional: BNC input "Offset" for a floating ground
LCD display
Optional: manual control knobs on the front plate
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