HF-STM - broadband cryogenic buffer amplifier

The new HF-STM cryogenic amplifier is a device intended for the detection of small currents at DC to high frequencies, which are e.g. created by STM tips (scanning tunneling microscopy).

The input current flows DC-related through a Bias-T and the high frequency part is buffered and presented at a low impedance output (nom. 50 Ω). The device operating range spans room temperature down to deep cryogenic environments (T = 4.2 K, liquid helium).

Key Features
  • cryogenic high impedance buffer up to 1 GHz
  • wide temperature range T = 300 K down to T = 4.2 K
  • low outgassing UHV operation
  • small size = small heat load
  • fully-automated plug’n’play room temperature controller included!
Top view
Side view
The room temperature controller indicates the status of the cryo amplifier and allows for setting the overall amplification factor. (current model subject to changes)
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