Low Noise Amplifiers

We have many years of experience in the development of cryogenic electronic components and modules, which are used at low to lowest temperatures (77K - 4K - mK).

Depending on the target application, either GaAs components or highly doped Silicon chips may be used. Our GaAs components are manufactured by a specialised foundry and are adapted to cryogenic environments, whereas the Silicon components are produced in standard manufacturing processes. All our devices are being tested before shipping either in our in-house cryostat systems reaching down to about 3K, or externally in cryostats down to about 100mK.

In the context of funded projects, cryogenic equipment like amplifiers, coupling stages, filters, etc. are being tailored to specific needs - especially, when there is room for future applications.

low noise amplifier (4.2 K - 300 K)

precision buffer amplifier from 0 Hz to 0.12 MHz (4.2 K - 300 K)

broadband cryogenic buffer amplifier DC to 1 GHz (4.2 K - 300 K)

ultra low noise preamplifier for room temperature

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