Low Noise Amplifiers


  • Quantum transport phenomena
  • Shot noise / Schottky noise measurements
  • Single ion FT-ICR
  • STM / tuning forks

Discover our high performance, easy to use plug-and-play amplifiers, which benefit from over 20 years of design experience.

Our devices are in-house tested at cryogenic temperatures and feature proven silicon or GaAs technology. 100mK electronic systems are currently in preparation for customised projects.

low noise amplifier (4.2 K - 300 K)

precision buffer amplifier from 0 Hz to 0.12 MHz (4.2 K - 300 K)

broadband cryogenic buffer amplifier DC to 1 GHz (4.2 K - 300 K)

ultra low noise preamplifier for room temperature

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