Precision DC Supplies

Our BS/BSA series multichannel supplies provide precise and low noise DC voltages up to +/-40 V on a ppm level of stability.

A short response time of a few milliseconds and a high stability allow for
✔ fast and precise qubit biasing in quantum computing
✔ precision experiments with ion traps
✔ reliable usage in source-meter applications with automatic test equipment (ATE)

The UM is a worldwide unrivalled 3-channel ultra high precision voltage source in the +/-14 V range. It features an extremely low temperature dependency (10-6 ΔV/V per Kelvin) and temporal voltage fluctuations (< 10E-7 ΔV/V per minute).

Low noise DC voltages from +/-100mV up to +/-40 V on a ppm level of stability

+/-14V stable on a 10-8 level.

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