Precision Experiments

Precision Experiments in fundamental physics require highly stable environments, including cryogenic setups to reduce thermal noise, and precise voltages or currents to define the experimental conditions.

Typical applications are driving voltages for

Our multichannel DC and AC sources are unmatched with respect to temporal stability and feature state-of-the art performance.

Stability levels as root mean square values of voltage variations on a time scale of seconds to minutes are:

  • UM series, DC-source: 3 x10-8
  • BS series, DC-source: 1 x10-6
  • HF-DR series, AC-source: 2-3 x10-5

They proved highly useful in scientific setups that we could witness first hand in projects exploring the frontiers of known fundamental physics, e.g.

➜ fundamental constants
➜ precision mass spectrometry
➜ scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and transport phenomena
➜ antimatter research ➜ quantum computing experiments

Precision voltage switches (HS-series) and low noise amplifiers (PR-E, CX-4, BUF) complement our device portfolio, which we present to support precision experiments.

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