PRE - ultra low noise preamplifier

The PRE is a highly sensitive voltage preamplifier at room temperature, which is intended for low-noise and high-impedance applications like FT-ICR cells, Schottky pickups or charge detectors. It features a design which can be used in dual-channel or single-channel configuration, exhibiting both low voltage and low current noise figures at small input capacitances.

The frequency range comprises 0.5 kHz to 4 MHz (or 40 MHz) at a nominal voltage amplification factor of 250 V/V, or 125 V/V at 50 Ohm load respectively. The small size makes upgrade of existing systems easy, improving sensitivity and delivering a better signal-to-noise ratio.

The PRE is implemented as solid box of an Aluminium alloy with gold plated input/output SMA terminals, offering very high immunity to external noise interference.

Key Features
  • two versions: 4 MHz and 40 MHz (max.)
  • excellent voltage noise: 0.6 nV/√Hz at 1 MHz single channel mode
  • very low current noise: 12 fA/√Hz at 10 kHz dual channel mode
  • small size
  • dual channel device with SMA terminals
top view
side view
front view (inputs)
rear view (outputs)
mains supply and PRE-3-SMA module connected
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