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BS/BSA Series Multichannel DC Supplies

Our new BS/BSA Series multichannel sources provide highly stable DC voltages up to +/-30V. The precision DC outputs are optimized for very high stability, low noise, and excellent temperature stability. Typical applications are multichannel qubit biasing and precision experiments. User control is accomplished by an isolated USB interface.

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 User Manual: pdf, 4.5 MB
 Datasheet: pdf, 1.6 MB
BS Series Software:   zip, 874 KB

Price List:
BS 1-16
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Key Features:
  • 4 to 16 precision channels
  • +/-5V to +/-30V range
  • easy USB connectivity
  • ideal for multichannel qubit biasing


3-channel ultra high precision voltage sources

UM 1-5/1-14 LN

The UM 1-5/1-14 LN is the latest family member of our series of 3-channel ultra high precision voltage sources. It features a further improved temperature-coefficient and even less voltage fluctuations on a 10E-8 level. The device represents the preferential choice for applications needing up to 3 precision voltage outputs in the +/-14V range and is currently unrivalled in its class. Please read more in the
 Data Sheet (pdf, 4 MB)

Price List:

Key Features:
  • 3 Channels
  • 10ppm Base Accuracy
  • Fluctuations on 10E-8 level

 More voltage sources
Front View of UM 1-5/1-14 LN     Side View of UM 1-5/1-14 LN

Plugs of UM 1-5/1-14 LN
Pictures: Front View, Side View and Plugs of UM 1-5/1-14 LN
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Ultrastable bipolar voltage source UM 1-5b

The UM 1-5b is an ultra high precision bipolar  voltage source. It offers three independent channels, each resolved with 25Bit, +/-14V and +/-3.5V range. It is the first device on the market having three independent voltage channels with better 0.1ppm resolution and stability. It shows an unrivalled combination of resolution, stability and long term drift, making it ideal for  quantum computing and high precision ion trap based spectrometry.
It's e.g. in use at the University of Mainz, Department of Physics in the  g-factor proton experiment and the  g-factor calcium experiment.
 Data Sheet (pdf, 4.78 MB)

Our  Ion Optics +/-500V High Voltage Source could also be an interesting device for your purposes:

Info about the Ion Optics +/-500V High Voltage Source
Ultrastable bipolar voltage source 25Bit

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