Low Noise High Voltage Switch of the HS series

  • Ion Pulsing / Electrode Switching
  • Piezo-Driver
Key features:
  • Very low noise switches
  • Fast switching time (35...100ns)
  • 200V to 1000V range, model dependent (higher voltages on request)
  • single-channel or dual-channels versions

  HS-200 User Manual: pdf, 1.66 MB
  HS-500 User Manual: pdf, 1.78 MB
  HS-1000 User Manual: pdf, 1.65 MB
HS series front detail
HS series front detail: manual switch, BNC (5V-TTL) input and LED indicators

HS series Internal Scheme
HS series Internal Scheme
HS series rear detail
HS series rear detail: BNC sockets for inputs and output
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